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Adult Development Bulletin Call for Submissions 2013

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Submission Guidelines

Adult Development Bulletin (ADB) is an international, peer-reviewed online journal for the academic study of adult development. Please follow these guidelines when first submitting articles for consideration, as well as when preparing the final version of your article following acceptance for publication. Please note that ADB does NOT accept multiple submissions. We invite researchers to submit manuscript on any aspect of adult development. Both empirical and theoretical discussion is welcome.

All manuscripts must be in English and submitted to managing editor APA Editorial manager System

Submission Requirements

Articles and reviews should be submitted in English. Geographical variations in language are acceptable, but variations should be consistent throughout the text.

Articles.The length should be kept to about 10 pages, since it is a bulletin, but we will consider longer papers. Footnotes should be included in the final word count, but the bibliography is exempt.
Book reviews should not normally exceed a length of 1500 words.

Unicode and Non-Roman Fonts
If your manuscript contains non-Roman scripts, please also submit a PDF of the article in which all characters are displayed correctly.

File Format
Microsoft Word document format.

Manuscript structure

Abstract and Keywords
The article must contain an abstract (200 words) and 2-6 keywords.

The following elements should be included in an article: research question and significance, theoretical background, methods, results and interpretation of findings, plus exact references.

Bibliography and Footnotes
Submissions should follow APA (American Psychological Association) style with the exception of double spacing. Their style website is apastyle.org. Because of our online format, we require single spacing, with a double space between paragraphs. All papers should be submitted in Rich Text format, so they are readable by reviewers who may be using different word processing software.

Book Reviews
Book reviews should not normally exceed a length of 1500 words. They must contain a critical discussion of the publication(s) under review.

Review Process

Once your manuscript is submitted to us, it will go through a peer-review process which may involve either editorial board members or external reviewers. ADB uses a double-blind peer-review system.

Blind Peer-Review Process
We make every effort to preserve the anonymity of authors and reviewers. Therefore, when preparing your manuscript for submission please take the following steps:

- Remove your name entirely from the text. If you cite your own publications be sure to substitute the word ‘author’ for your own personal details and for the actual title of the work cited.
- Insert a blank page in the beginning of your document with your full name and e-mail address (for the editors, not be sent to the reviewers).

Deadline and Acceptance Proposals must be submitted no later than September 30, 2013. Notification of acceptance will be sent to successful proposers no later than November 15, 2013.

Any questions? Please contact Michael Lamport Commons

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