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Draft of the Journal of Adult Development Special Issue

Table of Contents

Michael Lamport Commons

Part I: Theory and Models

1. The Model of Hierarchical Complexity as a Measurement System
Michael Lamport Commons, Robin Gane-McCalla, Cory David Barker and Eva Yujia Li

2. What Are the Relationships between Four Notions of Stage Change
Michael Lamport Commons

3. A New Model for Strategy Development Combining Categorical Data Analysis with Growth Modeling
Jan Boom

4. Commentary on A New Model for Strategy Development Combining Categorical Data Analysis with Growth Modeling
Michael Lamport Commons

5. Correspondence between Some Life-span Stage Theory Developmental Sequences of Stages and Levels
Charu Tara Tuladhar and Michael Lamport Commons

6. Fractal Model of Nonlinear Hierarchical Complexity: Measuring Transition Dynamics as Fractals of Themselves
Sara Nora Ross

7. Toward Defining Order 15 and Describing Its Performance for the Model of Hierarchical Complexity
Sara Nora Ross, Michael Lamport Commons, Eva Yujia Li, Kristian Stålne, and Cory David Barker

Part II: Instruments and Application

8. The Construction and Validation of a Developmental Test for Stage Identification: Two Exploratory Studies
Hudson F. Golino, Cristiano Mauro Assis Gomes, Michael Lamport Commons, and Patrice Marie Miller

9. The Defining Issues Test of Moral Judgment Development
Stephen J. Thoma and Yangxue Dong

10. Hierarchical Complexity in Physics
Kristian Stålne, Micheal Lamport Commons, Eva Yujia Li

11. Inadequacy of Literature on Corruption in Offering a Multi-faceted and Integrative Understanding of the Phenomenon
Elke Fein and Jürgen Weibler

12. Cognitive Basis for Corruption and Attitudes towards Corruption Viewed from a Structuralist Adult Developmental Perspective
Elke Fein and Jürgen Weibler

13. Measuring Care-Based Moral Development: The Ethic of Care Interview
Eva E. A. Skoe

14. Relationship among Measures within the Social and Moral Development Domain
Eva Yujia Li, Michael Lamport Commons, Jonas Gensaku Miller, Terri Lee Robinett, Helena Marchand, Carrie Melissa Ost, Sara Nora Ross

15. A Pattern Recognition Method for Disclosing Different Levels of Value System from Questionnaire Data
Per Sjölander, Nina Lindström, Ann Jessica Ericsson and Sofia Kjellström

Michael Lamport Commons


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